The Four Mighty Ones

The Four Mighty Ones – June 17 1956

This morning’s subject is “The Four Mighty Ones”.

The history of humanity is little else than a long struggle with this infinite riddle – the riddle of the Four Mighty Ones. When Origen, one of the early church fathers, was asked why are there four Gospels, why not one, he answered and said because there are four quarters of the Heavens, north, south, east and west and, therefore, four quarters of the human soul. The Bible speaks of this riddle which we will quote from the Book of Proverbs, and I will tell you the promises made to the individual and to the nation who can answer or un-riddle the riddle.

It is veiled throughout from Genesis to the Book of Revelations; the four rivers, the four horsemen, the four creatures around the throne of God, the four men loose and walking in the fire; and the form of the fourth was like the Son of God; and they parted his raiment into four parts, and throughout, they speak of the four, but man cannot seem to un-riddle the riddle. This morning I hope to do it, and if I do it to your satisfaction so you walk in it, then certain things should happen to you. Now, let us see what should happen to us.